This is the primary stage of base construction of hair systems. According to the custom order form and template/mould, measurements of head shape and size of template is taken upon placing the template over the mould.

We build Styrofoam mould using different chemicals considering the size and shape of template to make Custom Orders.

We make most comfortable & natural color base by mixing of different type of chemical solutions of appropriate ratio.

Once the base is successfully constructed using Net/Lace/PU that correspondence with the hair direction of a hair system, gets completely inspected earlier to start ventilation/knotting.


Buyer’s required color is matched by dyeing and blending in this stage.

We usually dye different type of colors in advance for keeping them in stock in order to speed up the color matching procedure. If we fail to find the appropriate color and hair length from the ready stock, we dye new hair.

Attached hair color sample of the buyers’ order form is always respected for matching the color.


After getting the base and hair ready for ventilation, inspection is done for making sure that the base type and hair direction are perfect to start knotting. Hair knotting is done by hand with needle into the base according to requirements.


We at HAIR COAT believe that quality inspection in every step of production is important for the appropriate quality of a hair system.

Therefore, we inspect a product in its every step of manufacturing (i.e. after Base construction, Hair Dyeing & Blending, Hair Texturing, Completing Hair Knotting etc.).

We do final inspection after finishing a hair system before shipment.