The Top 5 Reasons to Order at HAIR COAT!

1. Super Fast Production Schedules: As per our knowledge we make custom hair systems with world’s fastest production schedules- Double Super Rush 10 w/days, Super Rush 15 w/days, Rush 30 w/days and Standard 45 w/days commence from the day we receive an order at our factory.

2. Excellent After Sales Service: Competence and responsiveness are the watchwords of our business. At HAIR COAT, we believe that product and service are belong together, and the HAIR COAT name is synonymous with excellent after sales service. READ MORE

3. High Quality and Affordable: HAIR COAT provides the finest quality hair systems and highest services to its customers. We believe that maintaining the quality of hair system is more important than manufacturing of a huge quantity of cheap products. Therefore, you would hopefully find us pretty convenient and competitive considering the standard of quality we try to maintain. The success of our business is highly dependent on repeat business and referrals that is why it is important to us to always offer the best quality at a competitive price.

4. Customer Value and Satisfaction: We exceed in serving our customers with a focus on quality and reliable execution. The basis of our operations and the key to our success is our level of customer satisfaction. HAIR COAT makes significant efforts to continually improve its products and services.

We know that what a customer values most is:

√ Consistent product
√ Reliable order and delivery process
√ Prompt response to customer complaints
√ Correct what has gone wrong

5. Prompt Response: Our goal is to have every customer satisfied with our work and service. We believe a prompt and accurate response to any question or concern is the key to avoiding problems, mishaps or misunderstandings.